Most of us have been the benefactors of a physical therapist’s care. Whether it was a car accident, a fall, a sports related injury, or a workplace mishap, more and more people are finding themselves at a physical therapist’s office to help correct a part of the body that isn’t working right. It is to these therapists and doctors that much respect and gratitude should be given.

My first introduction to physical therapy was through a very sudden case of Adult-onset Idiopathic Torticollis, commonly referred to as “neck-lock”. Trust me when I say that waking up and not being able to move your head out of a sideways (chin to shoulder) position is terrifying. Through the careful technique of some very knowledgeable physical therapists, I was quickly granted use of my neck and the ability to look forward. After a few weeks, I regained all of the range of motion I was used to having before my ordeal.

Though I never did experience neck-lock after that time, I didn’t experience true neck health until many years later. I was often plagued with reoccurring pain and stiffness. It wasn’t until I learned about why people have neck issues, and how to truly strengthen the muscles in the neck, shoulders, chest, and upper back, did I experience a true pain free existence.

Was the reoccurrence of my neck issues the fault of the physical therapists not doing a good enough job years before? Absolutely not. The issue was, that the time I had spent with my excellent therapists was limited by what my insurance would provide. After my allotted visits, I was on my own. And because of their high demand and years of medical training, a physical therapists cash rates are higher than most people can afford out of pocket.

My ultimate rehabilitation was won out of years of self study and dedicated muscular strengthening. The process was long and mostly unguided. It is to these challenges that I owe my increased interest in the body, and understanding how to correct and better it. As I embarked on my journey of becoming a personal trainer, I quickly saw a need for others to receive the guidance I never had.

Out of this desire to help others who have been in my situation, I started a niche which I call “post-rehab personal training”. The idea is simple enough. Take a person who has just come out of physical therapy and take them from a functional existence, to a thriving existence. A person’s physical therapy plan can be used as a foundation in which to build from. This can then be used to create a long term strength training plan that can move them into a total pain free function existence.

If any of my story resonates, or you think you might benefit from a post-rehab personal trainer in the Tempe area, we’d be glad to hear from you.