The personalized training and space to get you wholistically fit.

MaxFit might be the perfect place if you are:

  • Tired of working out at the gym and not seeing results?
  • Wanting to achieve specific fitness goals but don’t know how?
  • Struggling to find someone with certified fitness training experience and who cares about your wholistic health?

Our mission at MaxFit is to provide the certified trainers, space,
and resources to help people like you get fit and live a wholistic healthy life.

The Personal Training We Offer:

One-on-One Training

Highly specialized training that is designed around the goals and needs of the individual. Whether you’re preparing to compete, rehabbing from an injury, or are just ready to finally lose weight, have a team of trainers ready to help you succeed! Based on your specific goals and schedule, we will pair you with a trainer that is best suited for your success!

One-on-Two Training

Personalized training built around the shared goals of a pair. Have you been trying to encourage your spouse to get into shape without success? Do you and your best friend love to face a challenge together? Is your roommates workout plan not really “working out”? It’s time to discover the power of pairs! Did you know you are 40% more likely to complete a goal if you pursue it with a friend? What are you waiting for! See what the two of you can accomplish together!

Group Training

Flat-rate semi-personal training based on a team/group workout environment. Do you like the idea of a group workout, but the words “CrossFit” or “bootcamp” intimidate you? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Our group training is designed to be challenging yet accessible. Exercises are easily adaptable to any ability or strength level. All group training participants work together and encourage each other to complete the daily workout. Bring a friend or come make new ones as you discover the fun of group training!

“I’ve been a client of MaxFit for the past 4 years. I especially like the relaxed comfortable atmosphere. My trainer pays close attention to proper technique and form during an exercise. The scheduling flexibility my trainer provides helps make training fit in with my work schedule and other activities. The cost for personal training is very reasonable and much less than the cost at corporate gyms.”

Byron E.

What Our
Clients Say

“MaxFit’s environment is welcoming to all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels. The natural light and layout invites one to a vigorous workout with focus on getting fit.”

Marge C.

“MaxFit is a wonderful space. It’s my Goldilocks; it’s not so small that clients feel like they’re in each others’ space, nor is it too big to where it can feel overwhelming. The neutral pallet, use of natural light, and openness of the space all make it a great place to workout!”

Lauren J.

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